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“I strive to create real value by supporting my clients design and implement suitable, scalable and sustainable business development strategies."

Andrea Sasso

Managing Director

New and Creative Ways to Solve Problems
Internationalization & Going Global

Globalization presents unparalleled business opportunities and a massive threat of disruption to your domestic business. Looking abroad is no longer a luxury but a necessity that takes hard work, commitment, and sometimes a fundamental transformation. Do you understand your international customers? How do you stack up against international competitors? How do you become an attractive employer for international talent? 

·       International Entry and Expansion Strategies

·       Effective Intercultural Communication

·       Scalable Capability Development

Organisation Design & Change Management

If your company is not achieving its full potential, I can guide you on a cross-functional effort to change its financial, operational, and strategic trajectory to create change that matters. Do you know the key value drivers of your business? What are your core capabilities? How do you create the best place to work for your employees? 

·       Moderate Restructuring Plans

·       Full-scale Turnaround Strategies

·       Impact-Effort Testing

Performance Analytics

You want to create strong and sustainable value with your business. This requires making intelligent and sometimes difficult decisions. Should you pursue growth or focus on margins? How do you measure success? How should you allocate capital and other resources ? 

·       KPI Development

·       Financial Planning and Forecasting

·       Investment Decision-Making Tools

·       Risk Mitigation and Value Capture Strategies



High-Level Strategy Assessment

I deliver the brainpower, experience, and the full focus of a senior strategy executive – but with zero overhead. With augheo, you’ll get actionable solutions[AS1]  to make real progress towards your goals.

The augheo advantage

I deliver the brainpower, experience, and full focus of a senior strategy executive – but with zero overhead. With augheo, you’ll get actionable solutions to make real progress towards your goals and take your business to the next level.