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Why hire a fractional CFO?

If you are an early-stage startup, anywhere between Seed and Series B, you probably need someone to help you with your finances.
You have your basic accounting needs covered, but you increasingly need to fill the gap when more complex finance questions arise. 

You need help to make operational decisions, for example: how quickly to hire new team members or whether to expand to new markets. 

“I believe startups are and will remain one of the greatest sources of innovation for society. Founders who stay on top of their finances build better businesses."

Andrea Sasso

Founder & CEO of augheo

This is how we help
Raise Funds more easily

Has any investor ever asked to see your financial model?

We help you communicate Unit Economics, KPIs, and projections, so you close your rounds more easily. 

Make better decisions

Have you ever wondered if you can afford that new hire?

We help you understand what drives revenue and profitability for your startup, so you can base your decision on facts and data.

Look ahead and see the impact of the things you are doing.

Does your bank account keep you up at night?

We help you plan and effectively measure performance, so you keep control of your operations, your company, and not least, your runway.

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