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More than 10 years’ experience in finance, strategy, and business development in the pharmaceutical, automotive, construction, and glass industry.


Roles with increasing responsibility in Europe and America, from plant controlling to global strategy development.

Corporate Culture

Background in a corporate culture that is human-centred, with an absolute focus on the individual and developed based on the principles that allow free societies to prosper.


Senior leader for business development and strategy, process redesign and service transformation. Project leadership at the highest level (approval level: CEO or board)

Andrea Sasso

Not only is Andrea a creative and strategic thinker, but she is also an avid sailor which has taught her a lesson or two about motivation, teamwork, and leadership.

She has lived and worked in Luxemburg, the U.S., Austria, France, Germany, and Italy and is fluent in German, English, Italian, and French.

More details about my professional background here.